Top 8 of 28

Last year on my birthday, I was dancing the night away to DJ Pauly D (“cabs are here!”) with 15-20 of my closest friends. This year, however, my birthday “turnt” DOWN about 10 notches… but I’m surprisingly ok with that! Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait until I can see and hug and go […]

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Europe Part 1: Amsterdam

Mo and I were had made plans to take a trip to Sydney and New Zealand this past January. Those plans were abruptly cancelled due to my injury just 8 days before we were supposed to leave. We were fortunately able to postpone the trip to next January without too much trouble, but to say […]

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March Highlights

And just like that, we are three months into 2019! It has been one wild roller coaster of a year for me, but I can honestly say that despite the challenges, there has been SO MUCH GOOD. And we’re only three months in! March was full of fun and exciting events. Here is a glimpse […]

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Embracing My Broken Body

I was finally at a place where I felt happy with my weight and my appearance. Even though I’ve never been extremely unhappy with how I looked, to be honest I never really felt “content.” I know it might sound crazy, I mean how can you not be content with your body after running a […]

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Vino and Mendocino

Shortly after rupturing my Achilles and having surgery last month, Mo and I decided to post-pone our trip to Australia. We were bummed out about that, so we decided we would take advantage of having a long weekend and plan a relaxing getaway.  After considering a few options, we decided on Mendocino, a small town […]

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2018 Race Recaps

In an ideal world, I would have a recap for every race I run. Maybe that can be one of my New Year’s Resolutions… because it definitely didn’t happen this year! After running two marathons in 2017, I decided that 2018 would be the year of NO marathons, and instead focus on shorter races and […]

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Turning 27 in Yosemite

This time of year is all about the holidays and traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas. As you start thinking past winter and onto spring trips, I want you to keep this post in mind, especially since you’ll want to book accommodations in advance! Spring is a great time to go to Yosemite – the waterfalls […]

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