Cliff Walks & Waterfalls

It has been a BUSY last couple of weeks, starting with the fact that after 2 months of “funemployment” I am now officially working at David’s Bridal as a bridal consultant! I’ve been in training and loving the fun bridal environment. Now I actually have a reason to be reading up on all of the latest wedding and bridal fashion trends! It wouldn’t count as a first day of work without the “first day photo.”IMG_8510To put our adventures into perspective a little bit more, here is a map of New England, with stars at the places we have visited (with the exception of Niagara Falls, NY). Find Westborough, that’s where we live!

nemap2Newport Beach: Mo and I took a day trip to Newport, RI. Newport was founded in 1639 (whaaat) and was the center for slave trade in the colonial times, which is how many people in Newport became so wealthy. One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was from Newport. It was one of my favorite cities we’ve visited so far because of its history, beautiful beaches, active lifestyle, the cliff walk and mansions, great waterfront restaurants, and a fun nightlife atmosphere. The 7 mile cliff walk took us alongside the ocean with huge mansions on our other side. The 10 mile drive that we did took us past many points of interest, including Jackie Kennedy’s Summer Farm, the US Coast Guard Station and the Ida Lewis Yacht Club. We found a ton of clams in the shallow part of the ocean that we fed to birds and Mo pretended to eat! The seaweed at this beach was red- making the water look bloody. Good thing I had Mo to carry me on his back past all of it!



A cozy cabin in the White Mountains: Just this past weekend, Mo and I had the amazing opportunity of staying in North Conway, NH with my good friend Hilary, her boyfriend, Dan and her dog, Rosie. Dan has a cabin that has been in his family since they built it in 1900. It is a beautiful and quaint little cabin filled with memories and genuinely vintage things (like the ORIGINAL fire extinguisher from 1900!). We made so many good memories sitting by the fireplace, playing games, making dinners, hiking to Arethusa Falls, and celebrating Dan’s halfway point through grad school.


Has anyone been to Newport or the White Mountains?? I’d love to hear what you think! If you haven’t… what are you waiting for!? Come visit us and see for yourself!!

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