Mi Familia Mexicana

Le quiero dar las gracias a toda la familia de Mauricio quien me dio la bienvenida a la ciudad de Mexico y a sus hogares. Estaba un poquito nerviosa entrando a el fin de semana, y esperaba que lo poco de Español que se y que la emocion que tenia por pasar tiempo con la familia de Mau fuera a ser suficiente para que le callera bien a todos! Para el fin de el viaje, realmente sentia que estaba en casa y que oficialmente era parte de esta familia maravillosa. No puedo agradecerles suficiente por su hospitalidad, su cariño, y por llevarme a tantos lugares tan bonitos. De verdad me la pase muy bien, y estoy muy emocionada de volver a visitar pronto!

Translation: Thank you to all of Mo’s family who welcomed me into their city and into their homes. I was a little nervous going into the weekend, hoping that the little Spanish that I know and my excitement to spend time with his family would be enough to make them like me! By the end of the trip, I truly felt at home and that I was officially part of this wonderful family. I cannot thank you all enough for your hospitality, warm welcome and for showing me a really good time! I cannot wait to come back and visit again!

Ok, I’m not going to lie, Mo helped me write that, however, this trip has motivated me to really work on my Spanish! Many of Mo’s cousins are bi-lingual at the least, and they inspired me to make an effort to work on my Spanish! One day I will speak and write in Spanish all by myself! It’s hard to believe that I was in Mexico City just yesterday and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to spend time with Mo’s family. Because our wedding was in January, many of them were not able to come unfortunately, so Mo’s folks planned this trip as a way to celebrate with them and to show me the culture and beauty of Mexico City! I loved trying all of the different kinds of Mexican food, seeing how people drive and getting a small taste of what their daily lives are like. I had actually met a few of Mo’s relatives when they came to Chicago for his brother’s wedding in 2008, when Mo and I had just started dating! It was a wonderful opportunity to see his family again and meet the ones I’d never met. Here’s a little flashback to Hugo’s wedding when I met some of his family for the first time.

216625_1005920225019_344_nThursday and Friday: The trip started out GREAT when our seats for the flight got upgraded for free to first class! We arrived in Mexico City and checked into our beautiful, historic hotel in downtown Mexico City. In front of our hotel there was a large plaza in the front of our hotel with a big festival going on and the buildings were all decorated for the Mexican Independence Day, which is on September 16. Many of the buildings are hundreds of years old and were built by the Spanish when they came and conquered the land. We walked around the downtown area, toured a beautiful cathedral and the Aztec Temple ruins, and enjoyed 2 very nice dinners both nights with Mo’s dad’s side.

IMG_8960 IMG_8876 IMG_0344IMG_8832

IMAG0991IMAG0983IMG_8846  IMG_8857 IMG_8874IMG_8873 IMG_0362IMG_0364 IMG_8884 IMG_8895

Saturday and Sunday: We spent these 2 days with Mo’s mom’s side. We spent the first day with our abuelita at Xochimilco, an old network of canals with many colorful boats that serve food and drinks with entertainment and vendors along the whole way. It was an experience like nothing I’ve ever had! We enjoyed a nice dinner at a beautiful hacienda that night with family. Sunday morning we drove to some special places with lots of good memories for Mo’s family. We went to the house his abuelita used to lived in, the park they used to play at, the house Mo was born in and the house they lived in before moving to the US. It was so fun to finally be able to see for myself all of these places I have heard so much about. The family all got together again for a late lunch at a restaurant and then drove to his uncle’s house for a fun night of cards and other games. We were sad to leave, but so happy for all the time we were able to spend with family!

IMG_8970IMG_8967la foto-20140831-101403792IMG_8982

IMG_037110593133_855849871093216_6847033888112021547_nIMAG1005  IMAG1015IMAG1009IMG_8996

IMG_8998 IMG_8997               10599527_856373834374153_4392217884364063371_n 10660342_856373777707492_1679343656947436850_n 10399439_856373577707512_4068290031015170025_n IMG_9009IMAG1012

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  1. Paula what beautiful pictures!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time mo’s family sound so nice! Love you both!! Sandy and jake xxoo

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