Extra Miler: Emily Garlinsky

Emily Garlinsky and I made many memories during the 2 and a half years we were roommates in college. I am so proud of what she has accomplished and excited to share it with you! She has started her running journey, and it has no end in sight. On September 8th, she recently celebrated her two year anniversary since she committed to running on the same day that she celebrated her one year anniversary with her husband, Justin. Since then, she has raced in two 5Ks, a 10K and two half marathons and still has many more races coming in her future. Running has also improved her health and given her a new sense of confidence. She’s had her ups and downs, but nothing will stop this lady from going the extra mile!

Emily after completing her most recent half marathon.

What made you want to start running?

When I was 19 my doctor told me that I had early onset of blood pressure and elevated heart rate. At that point my workout routine wasn’t very consistent, but hearing the doctor say that motivated me to start exercising more consistently.

What is your favorite part about running?

I love running because it’s hard. I love things that challenge me.

What is the hardest part of running for you?

It’s probably when I go through those lows and I’m not improving, or I’m injured and feel unmotivated. It’s a hard and demanding hobby so it can get overwhelming! At the same time it’s like my sanctuary, and I’m so glad that I’ve committed to it!

When did you sign up for your first race?

My sister decided to run a 5K at the Morten Arboretum in the fall of 2011, and even though I hated running at the time, I didn’t want my sister to do something cool that I didn’t do! However, I didn’t begin running consistently until September 8, 2012. My improvements motivate me to keep it up. After a year of training, I cut off 8 minutes from my first 5K time!

You ran your second half marathon early this month- congrats! What was the hardest part of the race?

The hardest part of the race was probably at about mile 7 or 8. At that point I knew I wasn’t doing as well as I would have liked so I kept thinking, “what’s keeping me from taking a break and walking or giving up?” I didn’t feel adrenaline, but rather than giving into defeat I pushed through to the finish!

We’ve all been there! What kept you motivated while you were having these thoughts to push through to the finish line?

I knew that if I did stop I would be disappointed in myself for not doing my best and that when I finished, I would have known that I could have and should have pushed through all of the negative thoughts.

What is your biggest source of encouragement?

As I’ve gotten more serious about my training, my husband Justin has been a huge encouragement, as well as my parents. My dad runs with me at least once a week and is just as competitive as I am!

So is Justin a fan of running?

(I hear in the background, “Running can suck it!”) I’ll take that as a no!

Favorite songs to run to: Rich Man by 3Oh!3 and Aaron’s Party by Aaron Carter

Favorite fitness fuel: Honey Stinger Fruit Chews and Nuun Tablets

Favorite Gear: Garmin Forerunner 2020 GPS watch

Dream Race: Magnar Relay Race

Emily is a great example of how ups and downs are normal in your fitness journey and those lows aren’t going to stop her from going the extra mile! Good job, E!

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