Nonstop Birthday Party Weekend

What do you get when you combine Mo’s 24th birthday, two friends visiting from home and a crazy party planner wife? One of the BEST weekends, ever.

Ok, I’m going to get mushy for about 3 minutes so bear with me. As I’ve celebrated the past 6 birthdays with Mo, I have not only had such a fun time with him, but I have had the opportunity to see how each year changes him. I have never known a more determined and loyal person and I do not take that for granted. I have seen him stay faithful to God through thick and thin and I have seen how God has rewarded his faithfulness and humility. I am truly blessed and am so thankful for this first birthday as a married couple.

Mo’s birthday weekend has been in the works for the past couple months. It was so hard, but so worth it, to keep Kellee’s visit a surprise from Mo. Nothing beats the look on Mo’s face when I am successfully able to surprise him! (high fives to everyone who was part of the secret!!) We absolutely loved being able to show our friends from back home what our life is like out here. Thank you so much Sam and Kellee, for coming out to visit- it means so much to Mo and I and we loved seeing you! Also, thanks to everyone here who came out this weekend to celebrate with us as well. We are so thankful for our friends and neighbors out here!

Wednesday (Mo’s birthday)- 3 words. Lou Malnati’s shipping. Mo was a happy, happy guy.


Thursday- We drove to the airport late at night to pick up Sam. We made Mo believe that Sam knew someone flying into Boston on a different flight, so as we waited for his “friend’s” flight to come is, all of a sudden Kellee showed up!! SURPRISE!

Friday- The weather could not have been more perfect for apple and pumpkin picking. Although Mo had to work the first half of the day, Sam, Kellee, Hil and I had a great time at Tougas Farm enjoying a beautiful fall morning and picking apples. More apples may have ended up eaten by us than in our bag, but we had enough for an apple pie, which is all that matters! We met Mo for lunch and shortly after, he was able to leave work and join us. After a couple intense games of 500 and tennis, we made our way to Owens, a restaurant right up the street with the best buffalo chicken you’ve ever tasted. Thanks to everyone who came out that night to celebrate Mo’s birthday dinner! There’s nothing like enjoying a night out with friends!

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Saturday- Thankful for the opportunity to sleep in, we all took full advantage of that after a late night of games the night before! We drove into Boston to show Sam and Kellee around the city. We ate at the famous Boston Burger Company, a burger place with ridiculous burger toppings, (ex. Dan and Sam got the “Mac Attack” which had Mac and Cheese on the burger and my “Vermonstah” had apples, bacon and maple syrup on it!). We then stopped at Harpoon Brewery’s Ocktoberfest, but didn’t stay long due to the fact that it started pouring and it was all outside. We decided the time would be better spent playing games in our warm and dry cozy apartment. It may have rained, but it didn’t rain on our parade!

IMG_9435 IMG_9453 IMG_9612IMG_9609IMG_9458 IMG_9459

Sunday- We started the day with a service at LifeSong Church and then went to a beautiful state park nearby, Purgatory Chasm. We couldn’t stay there too long, however, because you know what Sunday afternoon is for… football! The weekend came to an end far too soon and before we knew it, it was time for Sam and Kellee to head home. We miss you guys already!!

IMG_9614IMG_9461 IMG_9498IMG_9628IMG_9515IMG_9476IMG_9483IMG_9615 IMG_9616IMG_9620IMG_9640IMG_9511 IMG_9512IMG_9513 IMG_9630  IMG_9519 IMG_9525

2 thoughts on “Nonstop Birthday Party Weekend

  1. Dear Paulita: thank you so much for putting all together to celebrate Mo’s birthday , eventhough we miss him we were very joyful because he was celebrating with his beautiful wife and very good friends. Thank you all for making that possible.
    I love what you wrote about him, How you express your love for him.
    I always thank God for you in my prayers! Love you


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