Marine Corps Marathon… here I come!

After 18 weeks of training, it is so hard to believe that my marathon weekend is officially here!! In the words of a good friend, (who just did an Ironman!) “training just becomes the new normal.” You almost forget that eventually there is a race at the end of the training program. For me, that race is tomorrow.

First of all, if you are interested in tracking me, you can become part of my virtual support team here. You’ll receive updates as I hit the 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K and finish-line split locations. This marathon is appropriately named “Marathon of the Monuments” as I will start and finish alongside Arlington Cemetery and will be passing many more memorial sites on the course. Here is a more detailed description of the course if you would like to read more about it: Course Description. It is predicted to be sunny with a high of 66 tomorrow so the weather is going to be beautiful!

Second, I am running with a group of people for Team World Vision and I’ve set a goal of raising $2,620.00, which is $100 for every mile. I am at about 70% of my goal and am trusting that God will help me reach that goal through you. This race is more than running 26.2 miles to me. It’s about changing people’s lives. World Vision is a non-profit organization that builds wells for communities in desperate need of clean water –  something we take for granted EVERY day (146 gallons every day to be exact). Taking away something as simple as water would change our lives drastically. Challenge yourself to think bigger than your weekend plans and consider putting that amount towards something of greater value. $50 provides a person with a lifetime of clean water, which allows them to go to school, work, and have HOPE for a healthy future. Any dollar amount is appreciated, and no donation is too small… or big! God calls us to take care of those far less fortunate than us and it is something that we need to take seriously. Here is your opportunity! Click here to donate.

Underlined in my Bible, Matthew 25
Underlined in my Bible, Matthew 25

Thanks for everyone who is supporting and encouraging me – it means more than you will ever know. Pray for a safe trip for us and that God may change lives through me and my World Vision marathon team. I can’t wait to update you all on how it went!

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