Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration

If you are anything like me, you do what you can to avoid that yellowy gold. Rose gold, however, is a completely different story. I have completely fallen in love with rose gold! Whether your wedding is in the summer or winter, casual or formal, you can’t go wrong with incorporating this beautiful and romantic metallic color into your color scheme. Choosing rose gold isn’t the hard part… it’s choosing what color you’ll want to pair it with.

I put together a side-by-side comparison of rose gold paired with blush pink vs. rose gold with navy blue. It’s too hard for me to decide which I like better… what would you pick??

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.45.46 AM   vs. Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.58.56 AM

Bridal Bouquet

pinkflowers vs. 02c07abdc40e4b6bd602eed45f3e8969

Bride’s Shoes

a0df75538c8bbcc39331cf6d0259945a vs. e0e567c05b4deadb7d870c49f467f015

Flower Crown

210132dab4479d75b6f8bae572132455 vs.  f7ad78d9ef2a372510475d54ced7d6a2

Bride’s Hair Style

0cf495278dcb3fdfa31b44861fd394f8 vs. dad60de9d4cc51b5279720dd667cbb7e

Groom’s Attire

3eedd6f848590bdecd06369282b70092 vs. 1c0308c209dfaa3fde939d33f129cb78

Bride’s Accessories

24f3eecde7eff9852102510b3ee828d8 vs. 90a59e7987b32acd1ed037ad56e7d772


a3f924b40ac0132857e0176b591704b1 vs.  70b7ddaa7c008112c7b8305475b0f56f

Bridesmaid’s Dresses

f48f56042cb993e48470f51fa78b323b vs. ad768013005e7add5fe3b7a6a56afa22

Bridesmaids Necklaces

ccc6a5cf46038c6804b3fa034c967c33 vs.  1a2bb73d8ba794666b4ac1b9f50dc2ea

Bridesmaid’s Gifts

78210d3244ba5d8deeb50b1fadb47801 vs. 0f9c61c97640ad4008b49266ab337006


67e373b15aea009f06f86092dfb6b109 vs. 2bb91b20408af138adbdae47740d737f

Ceremony/Reception Backdrop

57d3ecd9f044b588b42a80d5ac4a44a4 vs. 0274eadcb6dda57fae4a0996a905d163

Chair Ribbons

9b9014e05cbfd229d36ecb62b7833144 vs. afeb3542db74130e79f5fc0f2c4d8888

Mason Jar Vases

8a55d9e5b60555f349bdbdb5a6ec0fb3 vs. 467965c33358b428d3e3877739ee5234


8a53c9e69435e86d013697c2e206e7be vs. 4343e15817ea8a202fc9c740f2ef5d5f


d74c294f5c795a30811ebc0f8b7d79df vs. 161723cc2728402725b05cf4da0c4bbc


b0264a08ff4d142caf16ff6b6e9f74d7 vs. 442f4e6c071c4d354cd51b39d48bce8a

Cake Toppers

a76f91e2a54b5becee0bf4efe55841e5 vs. 23f7a51a73fda2eb26f242ddd7faffd6

Whether you prefer the rose gold with pink or navy blue, these neutral ideas can be used for both!

7f09283fe379246fa73a23322494dc00 f0252a5f63cae0d33e76e0b582533fa2 6534ebccabb863e3fe9be5e4f820e204 a33255d213f9df2f94534c8104f25269 f82efa4cef7e6629bc9e6648f383b20a8ce1840064d0ae6da6dd8b5296ade165

Which color palette do you like best? Rose gold with blush or rose gold with navy?


Photo Credits: Bridal Bouquets Pink vs. Navy | Shoes Pink vs. Navy | Flower Crowns Pink vs. Navy | Hair Styles Pink vs. Navy | Groom’s Attire Pink vs. Navy | Bride’s Accessories Pink vs. Navy | Bridesmaids Pink vs. Navy | Bridesmaid Dresses Pink vs. Navy | Bridesmaids Necklaces Pink vs. Navy | Bridesmaids Gifts Pink vs. Navy | Invitations Pink vs. Navy | Ceremony/Reception Backdrop Pink vs. Navy | Chair Ribbons Pink vs. Navy | Mason Jar Vases Pink vs. Navy | Centerpieces Pink vs. Navy | Tables/ Menus Pink vs. Navy | Cakes Pink vs. Navy | Cake Toppers Pink vs. Navy | Photo Display | Feather Reception | Table Assignments | Letters | Heels | Earrings

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