Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

Don’t get me wrong- I love to eat. I am not writing this blog on how to cut calories or to condemn traditional holiday favorites. I think enjoying a big, delicious meal with family and friends is a great way to celebrate a holiday! What I want to help you avoid is that awful, painful feeling of having eaten enough for you and a small army… you know exactly what feeling I’m talking about. There is a fine line between feeling full and feeling unbearably stuffed. The key is to enjoy, not overeat. These tips will keep you from falling over the edge into the bloated unknown.

T – Take your time. With so many different options in front of you, it can be easy to scarf it all down in a matter of minutes. Eating slowly allows time for your brain to process that you are full, which results in eating less. Take the time to talk with family and catch up with your loved ones while you are gathered together at the table.

U – Use portion control. With so many different foods to try, you can easily end up serving yourself way more than you need. Start by taking small portions so you can get a taste of everything and carefully choose what you want more of.

R – Remember to eat breakfast. Make sure you plan a healthy breakfast for Thanksgiving morning. Skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism… not what you want before a big meal!

K – Keep hydrated. Drink a glass of water to start your dinner. Water is a natural appetite suppressant, which will prevent you from overeating.

E – Exercise. Getting some exercise before a good meal is a great way to work up an appetite and to burn some pre-feast calories! Sign up for a fun Turkey Trot 5K, take your dog for a walk, or play football with your family to spend some quality, active time together.

Y – Yield (before it’s too late!) When you start to feel full, it’s a good sign that you need to stop. Hold off on those third helpings and enjoy them later as leftovers. You will see this food again, most likely the next day, so there is no need to panic. Even if you still have food on your plate, don’t feel obligated to finish. Our eyes tend to be bigger than our stomach!

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the time spent reflecting on blessings, memories made with family and of course, the delicious food!

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