New Year’s Eve Wedding Inspiration

The thought of a New Year’s Eve Wedding may have never crossed your mind, but when you already plan to ring in the New Year partying with family, friends and champagne, it seems like a perfect fit for a wedding. Let’s face it, making plans for New Year’s Eve is never an easy task so you’re practically doing your guests a favor by giving them the easy choice to attend a party they’ll never forget (while making your anniversary date one you’ll never forget).

Many venues offer a discounted rate for wedding dates in their offseason (offseason is typically January, February and March) and some may even offer an additional discount for a weeknight wedding. An additional perk to a New Year’s Eve wedding is that most people don’t work on New Years Day, so there won’t be any need to leave before the clock strikes midnight!

All of the New Year’s Eve traditions and be easily incorporated into your wedding in a fun, unique way. Here are some ideas to get you started!


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Champagne Glass Guest Book | Mini Personalized Champagne Bottle wedding favor


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Wedding Bros | Baby (unfortunately not for sale) | Noisemaker Table Assignments |        Balloons | Noisemaker Centerpieces | Happy New Year Hats


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Confetti Save-the-Dates | Free Printable Confetti Holder | Cue the Confetti | Confetti | More Confetti


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Sparkler Printable | Heart | Sparkler Exit | Cupcake Topper | Fireworks at Midnight


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Invitation | Sequin Table Assignments | Wedding Dress | Bridal Bouquet | Bridesmaids | Wedding Party | Photo Booth Backdrop | Photo Booth Props


Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.06.07 AM 2e7e518cc842e2c86965acfac2f8a0ca a0cb0b96672ae945affebcb0ea268ca6

Clock Napkin Rings | Vintage Clock set at Table Number | Kiss at Midnight


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New Years Resolution Guestbook | Wall of Resolutions (doubles as guest book) | Resolution Table Numbers 

Happy New Year to all past, present and future bride-to-bes!

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