The Land Down Under

After an amazing 6 months in Boston, Mo and I have officially flown across the world! I’m now writing to you from Australia! It’s been a crazy past couple of days with transitioning, unpacking, adjusting to the 17 hour time difference and saying goodbye to family and friends, but WE MADE IT! And just in time to celebrate our first anniversary!

Before I go into more details about our first couple of days in Sydney, I’ll post some pictures from the week before we flew out. We packed as much as we could into that last week and made the absolute most of the time we had left in Boston. Here are some of the highlights!

Ringing in the New Year Great Gatsby style (and yes, all the guys are matching!)

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Touring Samuel Adams Brewery and taking a picture with Sam Adams (look closely, he’s there!)

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Celebrating Hil’s 24th birthday- lucky for the Mo, Grahm and the pups, the first cake didn’t turn out… so they got to test it!

IMG_1468Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Saying our goodbye’s and heading to the airport to begin our 24 hour travel journey!

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As exciting as it is to move to Australia, I couldn’t help feeling sad about leaving behind the people we love and the home we made in Boston. Part of me selfishly wanted to stay, but I know that this big move is in God’s plan for us. He provided for us in ways that Mo and I could never have even thought possible and I trust that He will do the same in Australia. Today marks the day (in Australia, not America yet!) that Mo and I got married and as I think back on our first year of marriage, we’ve learned to be independent, while still depending on each other, rely on God for our needs and praise Him through the ups and the downs. I am really excited for what our second year has in store for us!

Our new apartment in Sydney is in a high-rise hotel and is a completely different feel than our townhouse in the Boston suburbs. One great part about this is that we’re on the 51st floor… and have an amazing view of Sydney. We even get to see fireworks at Darling Harbor from our balcony every Saturday night.

The view from our balcony

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The view from inside

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I love what our 2015 calendar says for January- it’s a daily reminder that this exciting adventure and this brand new year has lots of GOOD things in store for us. And I can say that with complete confidence knowing that God has everything in control.

Now, for a quick Aussie lesson.

Lolli = candy

Biscuit = cookie

Budgy Smuggler = Male Speedo

Tim Tams = the best “biscuits” I’ve ever had

More to come!! G’day, mate! 

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5 thoughts on “The Land Down Under

  1. I love how you phrased some of your “lessons” from the first year of marriage, especially the fact that you guys have been learning to be independent while still being dependent on each other. Happy anniversary to you guys! & I still can’t believe you’re in Australia! I’m glad to know we’re not the only ones that have been moving & traveling all over the place! Best of luck to you guys in getting settled in there 😊


    1. Thanks Kelly! There really is just something about knowing there’s someone else in a similar situation as me! I think you guys have moved more than we have though?? Your blog is GREAT. I really enjoy reading it! Hope you guys are settling well too!


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