Say Yes to the (MOB) Dress


Alright brides, you’ve said Yes to the Dress… now it’s mom’s turn! Choosing your wedding gown and your bridesmaids colors are two very big decisions, but finding the right dress for your mom and mother-in-law are just as important. Working at David’s Bridal, I had a lot of moms come in who had no idea what colors worked best with the bridal color. After a little advice and recommendations, they were saying Yes to their Dress!

The traditions are changing in the bridal industry of what bridal parties wear (mismatched styles, different colors, white dresses, etc). You can only expect that traditions have changed for the MOBs as well. We are seeing more and more patterns, metallics, and colors for mother of the brides, which can make the endless amount of choices a little overwhelming. (Did I say a little overwhelming? I meant a lot overwhelming!) Take a deep breath, there’s no reason to panic! After a few of these practical tips and suggestions, you’ll be saying Yes to Your Dress in no time at all!

1. Talk to the bride. Find out if she has a vision in mind for what she wants you to wear. If she doesn’t (which is normally the case), ask her a few questions. Find out the degree of formality she expects, whether it be a casual, rustic, country wedding or a formal black tie affair. Keep the venue in mind when searching for a dress as well. A strapless dress could be perfect for a beach wedding, but may not be appropriate for a church wedding.

2. Choosing a color. It’s best to wait until the bride has decided (and made the FINAL decision) in regards to what color her wedding party will be wearing. You do not want to match the bridesmaids, but remember that you are a part of the bridal party and should coordinate with them! Ask to get a color swatch of the bridesmaid’s dresses to help find a harmonizing hue when out shopping.

3. Long or short. Short dresses are generally more comfortable in the spring and summer months, but also are more casual than long dresses. If the dress code of the wedding is formal or if the wedding is in the fall or winter months, consider wearing a long dress. Be sure to ask the bride first to see if she has a preference before you start shopping.

4. When to buy. Most experts recommend purchasing your dress no later than three months before the event date. This allows plenty of time for any alterations that may be needed.

5. Where to buy. Depending on the formality of the event, there are many places to go in search for the perfect MOB dress. Nordstrom, Dress Barn and Macy’s are all great places to start, but don’t overlook looking at bridal stores too. We had a huge selection of gorgeous Mother of the Bride (as well as Grandmother of the Bride) dresses at David’s Bridal, and we often had great sales on them. Plus if the bride got her dress there, you’ll get a discounted price, whether or not there’s a sale going on!

That all said, it’s important that your dress reflect who you are and what your personality is! The only thing to absolutely avoid is wearing the same color as the bride (unless that’s what she wants). You want her to stand out on her wedding day! It’s customary to have the mother of the bride purchase her dress first and then share her choice with the mother of the groom. Don’t wait until last minute though, because you’ll want to be considerate of any alterations the Mother of the Groom may need to make to her dress as well. The MOB and MOG dresses should not match, but coordinate well together.

I’ve put together a palette for ten different bridal party colors below, based on upand coming bridesmaids colors (according to Tulle and Chantilly’s list of the Top 10 Wedding Colors for 2015), in addition to a few timeless, classic colors. Use these palettes as a reference when shopping for your dress. 

Dusty Blue


Dusty blue, powder blue, grayish blue, celestial blue, whatever you prefer to call it, is on the list of the top 2015 bridesmaids colors and it’s not hard to see why! This beautiful color takes the neutral wedding trend and adds a little hint of blue. Darker shades of grey, navy blue, pastels or a pop of bright pink compliment this color beautifully.

Dusty blue

Watermelon Pink


This slightly more pink cousin to coral is going to be big and bright in the 2015 summer months. It’s sure to make a bold statement in any bridal party and as part of the bridal party, you don’t want to compete with such a strong color. Any neutrals will look great with this color, especially a slate grey, gold, or navy blue.




Another beautiful, bold color that is listed as a top contender for 2015 and looks great in the spring/summer months is turquoise. I love this colorful look and it surprisingly goes well with a lot of other bright colors. Don’t be afraid to step put of your black dress comfort box!




Mint is a wedding color that we saw a lot of in 2014 and will continue to see a lot of in 2015. This pretty pastel color looks great with other pastels, neutrals, navy blue or a pop of coral or magenta.




This non-traditional bridesmaids color is getting so much attention! Any color works well with a white bridal party, but it’s good idea to use the season as a guide to choosing your color. Think deep warm colors for fall, cool blues and silver for winter, pastels in spring and bright colors in summer. It looks great with cranberry, a dusty pink, navy or any neutral color.




I could honestly bask in the beauty of blush bridal parties all day! For a more soft and romantic feel, choose neutral or muted color. If the bride envisions more of a richer hue, choose a deep, warm color like a chocolate brown.




This pastel color had a huge year in 2014 and is making its way into 2015. This light shade of purple looks beautiful next to the bride’s white wedding dress. Try a dark plum, magenta or any of the colors shown below to coordinate with a lavender bridal party.




There is a simple, rustic elegance to neutral bridesmaids dresses. Being a neutral color, there are endless options to what color the MOB’s dress should be so again, use the season to guide you. Here are some suggestions!




First of all, that picture was taken at a wedding at the Bachelor Mansion- how cool is that?? Black bridesmaids dresses typically mean it will be a more formal wedding, which means you may may want to choose a more formal dress. The color, however, is for you and the bride to decide based on the theme of the wedding. Feel free to choose a dress with a elegant pattern if you find one that you like!


Navy Blue


Navy is one of my favorite bridesmaids colors for a rustic or fall wedding. You can easily dress this color up or dress it down for a more casual wedding. Warm tones in red, orange and yellow work great with navy.


 If you would like any suggestions regarding a certain color, comment below and I’d be happy to help you out! Time for the MOB to say Yes to the Dress!

Photo Sources: Dusty Blue | Watermelon Pink | Turquoise | MintWhite | Blush  Lavender | NudeBlack | Navy

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    1. That’s great! I’m so glad that I was able to give you some tips before your daughters wedding. I’d love to hear where you end up getting your dress from!


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