Blog Milestone

Today is a big day! Not only is it a day off work for the Queen’s birthday (HBD Queen!), but it also marks my 50th blog post! Cake was of course necessary to celebrate these two occasions, so Mo and I made a banoffee pie together. This is the first time we’ve tried this English dessert and it won’t be the last!

Blog Milestone

Banoffee Pie classic recipe | healthy recipe (YAY!)

Mo insisted I put “yay” next to the classic recipe… I don’t think so buddy!

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at these past 49 blog posts. I originally started Eat, Lift and Be Married to marry (pun intended) my passions of fitness and wedding planning. In addition to posting on these topics, I’ve also loved using it as a way for family and friends to following along our adventures since moving out of Chicago. We will be moving back next month and I’m excited to see how this next chapter of our life unfolds.

1. Ready, Set, Let’s (Lobster Roll) – Let’s hear it for the first blog post! A recap of our first month in Boston: our going away party, our first big road trip to New England, seeing The Niagra Falls, exploring Cape Cod, competing in my first sprint triathlon, and exploring Boston!

2. DIY Wedding Gift – Inspired by my creative sister, a fun DIY wedding gift idea for your newly married friends.

3. 00:00 – Getting a fresh start to your fitness journey and advice on setting/achieving your goals.

4. Cliff Walks & Waterfalls – The exciting commencement of my job at David’s Bridal, a fun “daycation” at Newport Beach, and a memorable weekend spent at a friend’s cabin in the White Mountains, NH.

5. Jam Packed With Love – My mom’s blueberry jam recipe revealed! Plus, detailed instruction on how I made my DIY wedding favors.

6. Mi Familia Mexicana – My experience going to Mexico City for the first time to meet Mo’s extended family and share in his memories of growing up.

7. Mexican Fiesta Wedding – Inspired by my recent trip to Mexico, wedding inspiration for a Fiesta themed wedding.

8. Extra Miler: Emily Garlinsky – My first featured “extra miler” and example of achieving obstacles in her fitness journey, with the hope of motivating and encouraging others!

9. Chia Seeds: What are they (and why they are so expensive)?? – The what, why and how of this little, but mighty seed.

10. September in Mass – The beginning of the most beautiful fall I have ever seen, girls nights out, making new friends, and our first encounter with the Green Monster (Red Sox game).

11.Nonstop Birthday Party Weekend – A weekend filled with celebrating Mo’s birthday with beautiful fall weather, friends visiting, apple picking, hiking, and of course… cake!

12. Hell Workouts – My love/hate relationship with hill workouts and why/how to incorporate them in YOUR workout!

13. Are We There Yet? – NEW ENGLAND IN THE FALL. That is all I have to say about this post. Heaps of pictures from the most beautiful week of my entire life. From climbing mountains at sunrise, camping next to a creepy old cemetery and trying lobster roll flavored ice cream in Bar harbor, this was a trip we will never forget!

14. Marine Corps Marathon… here I come! – After 18 weeks of intense training, I shared what was the motivation behind the madness of willingly running 26.2 miles (for the second time).

15. Mission Accomplished – 3 miracles that happened to me while running the Marine Corps Marathon.

16. Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration – A side-by-side comparison of rose gold and pink VS. rose gold and navy for your wedding palette inspiration.

17. Extra Miler: Anna Saewert – Nobody inspires me like my sister and her extra mile attitude. Her story is one you don’t want to skip.

18. How to Dress for Running Outside – Avoid the “dreadmill” with these tips on how to dress for running outside in any temperature.

19. Wicked Good Times – Halloween party, Steelers vs. Jets football game, and other wicked good times in Boston.

20. Avoid eating on Thanksgiving –  A handy little acronym for how to enjoy Thanksgiving without splitting your pants.

21. Overwhelmed with Blessings – Blessed with our families visiting us in Boston for Thanksgiving and the announcement of the incredible news that Mo and I would be moving to Sydney.

22. I’m Engaged!! …Now what?? – Don’t let stress consume your newly engaged excitement! The first things to do after getting engaged and a helpful timeline to follow for your planning.

23. Staying Fit During the Holidays – It’s easier than you’d think!

24. Our First Noel – Our first Christmas as a married couple spent with family and friends and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas

25. New Year’s Eve Wedding Inspiration – Combine your wedding with New Year’s eve for a beautiful and fun event.

26. New Year, New Resolutions – The key things to understand in making resolutions that last.

27. The Land Down Under – Our last week in Boston and first day in Australia!

28. Carpe Diem – Breaking down the mental obstacles I built of being in a completely unfamiliar place and learning how to “seize the day.”

29. What’s for Dinner? – Sharing my go-to dinner and side recipes to answer that dreaded question.

30. Happy Straya Day, Mates! – Our first month in Australia summed up in one word: beaches. Taking advantage of the beautiful beaches, celebrating Australia Day and the start of my job at a physiotherapy clinic.

31. Wombats, Kangaroos, and Koalas, oh my! – More beaches and our first time at the zoo.

32. What Not to Wear: Gym Edition – The best workout attire for wicking away sweat, avoiding injury and protecting your skin.

33. 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Single, married, long-distance, whatever your relationship status may be, here’s 10 ideas to celebrate this day of love.

34. Create in me a Clean Heart – A challenge to fast, and how fasting results in freedom.

35. Weekend Retreat to the Blue Mountains – A quiet weekend in the Blue Mountains, Valentines Day dinner and Chinese New Year in Sydney.

36. Say Yes to the (MOB) dress – Don’t leave your mom in the dust after all the help she gave you saying yes to your dress! Make sure your mom looks and feels as special as she is.

37. More Muesli Please! – A healthy alternative to cereal and granola. This recipe is so good, you’ll want to double it every time.

38. Delegate Your Stress Away –Advice on delegating wedding tasks so you won’t become the dreaded “bridezilla” you swore you’d never be.

39. Green Food that Tastes GOOD – Spinach pancake recipe and the secret to making delicious green smoothies.

40. Hanging out in Sydney (pun intended!) – Going on dates, hiking at Royal National Park, learning to surf and planning our upcoming trips around Australia.

41. Slip, Slap, Slop – Red dust, fly nets and the heart of Australia.

42. RAW. ORGANIC. NATRUAL. What’s the difference? – A guide to health labels and what’s worth spending extra money on.

43. Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road – Our massive road trip to Melbourne for the cafes, culture and art in Melbourne, and the stunning views from driving the Great Ocean Road.

44. Finding Nemo –Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and the best day of my life… cuddling a koala!

45. Find Your Bliss – Bliss balls filled with yummy, healthy goodness.

46. Chicken Quinoa Salad – A quicker, easier solution than the McDonald’s drive through (and much healthier).

47. Best Mates and my Birthday – Three days in Sydney with Autumn and celebrating my 24th birthday in Australia!

48. Anna Down Under –Experiencing New Zealand for the first time all together and showing my sister why Mo and I love Sydney. It’s safe to say she did too!

49. DIY Wedding Favors – Your wedding favor is a fun way for your guests to remember your special day. Go the DIY route to save some money and choose one of these DIY wedding favors (links to tutorials included).

50. Celebrating my 50th blog post! Also, celebrating the Queen’s birthday (and a day off work!) with a homemade banoffee pie. Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys my blog. Here’s to the next 50 posts!

Blog Milestone

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