10 Ways to be Self Motivated

I have never struggled with self-motivation as much as I am right now! Why now??! I have no idea, but let me tell you that it is NOT a good time to be struggling with it. Approximately 87% of my life right now is counting on the ability for me to motivate myself. Working out. Eating healthy. Writing blogs. Studying for my personal training exam. Who is keeping me accountable for all of that? This girl right here.

Eat, Lift and Be Married

(that’s me. clearly doing a great job at eating healthy.)

Add a hyper puppy and a part-time job to that mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

So instead of procrastibaking all sorts of yummy pumpkin recipes, or taking a million pictures of our new puppy, I figured writing a blog with 10 WAYS TO BE SELF-MOTIVATED will not only help me… but can help anyone else struggling to be more self-motivated.

1. Create a work space. When I study in bed, I get tired. When I study at the dining room table, I get hungry. Since my days need to consist of more than sleeping and eating… this was a problem that had to be fixed. If you have a big enough house to have a separate office space, that’s ideal. Our apartment, however, is a small one-bedroom that doesn’t have space for a full size couch, let alone an office. Don’t let that stop you! I claimed the little nook in our living room for a desk to create a separate space to work in.

Eat, Lift and Be Married

2. Appoint a boss. When was the last time you got to hire your boss? Appoint someone to check in when you have a deadline to meet. A little bit of accountability goes a long way so make sure they’re up for the job!

3. Wake up early. I have officially accepted and embraced the fact that I am a morning person. It’s simply easier to get things done earlier in the day. I wake up early and work out first thing. After I’ve worked out, showered and eaten breakfast, I’m awake and ready to take on the day.

4. Get out of your PJs or workout clothes. No, I’m not going to dress like I did at David’s Bridal if I know I’ll be at home all day… but if I’m wearing lazy clothing all day, there’s a good chance I’m going to be lazy. Changing into a pair of jeans and a t shirt allows me to be comfy, without tempting me to jump back in bed.

5. Earn your rewards- My problem was doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted during the day. I recently discovered a couple great apps that help me stay focused until a designated break time.

  • Pomodoro: boosts productivity by using an effective time management method. You set a task that needs to be done and a timer will start for 25 minutes. When the time is up, you get a 5 minute break. Instead of taking breaks whenever you want, you have to earn your break by 25 minutes of focused work!
  • Forest (“the best cure for iPhone addiction”) lets you “plant a seed in a forest.” In the next 30 minutes, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you can’t resist the temptation to check other apps, your tree will wither away. Sounds crazy, but who wants to kill a tree??

6. Turn off “push notifications.” If your phone lights up every time you get an email, likes on Instagram, or a comment on Facebook, how much do you think you’ll actually get done throughout the day? Chances are, not much. You are automatically jolted out of focus and drawn into whatever notification you just got. Turn these off! You can use your earned 5 minute break to check your social media.

7. Watch others succeed- Find a couple people you look up to in your field and use them for motivation (note: not competition or comparison).

8. Find a supportive voice. We all need positivity in our lives! Think positive thoughts, read encouraging quotes or books, and be sure to spread positivity to others around you.

9. Set goals. 

  • First day of the month- set goals for the month
  • Monday morning- set goals for the week
  • Every morning – set goals for the day

10. Work out- Being sedentary isn’t just harmful for your health… it’s also terrible for motivation and discipline. Go on a 20 minute walk, start a home exercise program, or attend a fitness class. It starts your day off right and helps with your productivity level.

What are ways that you stay self-motivated? I’d love to hear what works for you!

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to be Self Motivated

  1. Great post here and sorry I got to reading it so late. Wonderful words of wisdom . This can be used for starting off on a new habit or conquering an old ill or anything else.
    Especially liked the time management software, you put up.
    Seeing no posts from you for about two months, I am assuming you are busy with your exams. Hope all is well.


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