Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Every Friday I’m going to start sharing 5 miscellaneous favorites of mine, inspired by Lauren Conrad’s blog. Here is my first ever Friday Favorites post!

Favorite album to listen to: Hillsong’s new “Open Heaven (River Wild)” CD. It was recorded live at Hillsong Conference 2015 and listening to it brings back such great memories of being there. I play it ALL. THE. TIME. Every song has impactful lyrics and a deep sense of God’s presence. Listen to the full album on YouTube to experience it for yourself.

Open Heaven (River Wild)

Image via Amazon

Favorite drink: dirty chai latte. If you’re like me and can never decide if you want coffee or tea, you can have the best of both worlds! Next time you’re feeling indecisive, try a dirty chai (chai tea + milk + a shot of espresso). It’s warming, it’s sweet, it’s spicy and it’s a double shot of caffeine. Once you try it and love it, make your own!


Image via Urban Outfitters

Favorite look: running tights, vest and beanie. Speaking of indecisive… this weather lately?!! It cannot make up its mind. It feels like spring one minute and winter the next. My go-to outfit has been running tights and layering with my favorite Old Navy fleece vest. Add a beanie for some extra warmth (and to cover up those bad hair days).


Image via Athleta

Favorite place to shop: Target’s $1 section. Do I need to say more? From fitness belts and iPhone armbands, to beautiful Christmas wrapping supplies, you can find just about everything you never knew you needed.


Image via Target

Favorite workout: 5:45am bootcamp class. I know it’s crazy… but for the past 8 weeks, this class has gotten me out of bed every Monday and Wednesday morning, and motivated to workout. It’s a great way to start my week, and I’m done working out by 7am! All I have to do is get up, get dressed and get out the door… the workout is already planned and waiting for me.

Boot Camp

Image via

What’s on your list of favorite things right now?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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