Traditional Anniversary Gift Guide

Time flies when you get married. Doing life with someone is truly an adventure and I am fortunate to have the best of the best. He listens to me talk nonstop about my career goals, happily does our finances and puts up with my not-so-great dance moves. Marriage. It’s great.

With that said, when anniversaries come around (and don’t forget when they do!), there is a list of anniversary gifts to follow. This practice of giving certain gifts for specific anniversaries is said to have originated in Medieval Germany, where the friends or husband would give the woman a wreath of silver after she had been married for 25 years, and a gold wreath after fifty years. Since then, many more “traditional anniversary gifts” have evolved. Problem is, some of them are a little vague, so that’s where I come in. Here are some ideas for how to take this list and turn it into a memorable anniversary gift!

Year 1. Paper

  • DIY: write a heartfelt love letter, make a photo scrapbook of your first year of marriage, or make a book of love/date coupons to redeem
  • $: print pictures from the past year and make a collage frame, or frame heart shaped maps of places you’ve been together– leave some open space for future adventures!
  • $$: plan a road trip and give him a map that outlines the route, or my personal favorite, a personalized Bible with your name and wedding date

Year 2. Cotton

  • DIY: make a pillowcase with lyrics from your first dance
  • $: buy a t-shirt from somewhere you went on a memorable date (favorite restaurant on your honeymoon, a concert tshirt, etc.)
  • $$: buy cotton blanket, personalized towels or comfy bathrobes (the cheesier the better!)

Year 3. Leather

Year 4. Fruit/Flowers

  • DIY: make chocolate covered strawberries together or bake a pie
  • $: buy a bottle of wine and rose petals for a romantic night in
  • $$: order edible arrangements (you can never go wrong with chocolate-dipped strawberries!), or recreate the bridal bouquet

Year 5. Wood

Year 10. Tin/Aluminum

Year 20. China

Year 30. Pearl

  • DIY: make cupcakes with edible pearl sprinkles (find them at Jo-Ann’s or Walmart!)
  • $: This pearl and twine garland adds a rustic touch to your candles
  • $$: These pearl porcelain bowls may not be made of pearl, but have a beautiful pearl lustre finish

Year 40. Ruby

Year 50. Gold 

  • DIY: forget the gifts, throw a party! This occasion calls for a big celebration!
  • $: give your spouse lots of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (YUM) and this little sequel to Year 10’s gift.
  • $$: get a gold watch or ring with a heartfelt message or your wedding date engraved. This ring is engraved with your actual fingerprint!

Year 60. Diamond

  • $$: There is no DIY or inexpensive option for 60 years. This is an amazing occasion that not many people get to celebrate, whether it be for themselves or a family member. Go big or go home. Buy those diamonds. They’re worth it.

As for Mo and I… we just celebrated the big 2! Looking forward to many more years (and gifts!) to come.
Wedding Anniversary

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