Healthy Habits: Week 3

14 days down and 7 more days to go! Maybe you’ve missed a couple days of healthy habits along the way, but let’s finish strong together! Write these down on your calendar and commit to these final healthy habits.

January 15: Eat the daily recommended amount of whole grains
“CARBS ARE BAD.” …or are they? Carbs are actually our body’s preferred source of fuel! There are two types of carbohydrates- Low GI (glycemic index) and high GI. Low GI index foods (whole grains) take longer for our bodies to absorb, which gives us a long-lasting amount of energy. High GL (glycemic index) grains such as white bread or cereal, however, are absorbed and turned into sugar very quickly, causing a high spike in blood sugar levels.
It’s easy to go over the recommended intake of grains, which is why you should be conscious of how much you are eating. When we eat more than the amount that our body needs, these excess carbs are stored in our bodies as fat. The recommended daily intake is 6 servings of whole grains. Examples of single servings are 1/2 cup of pasta, quinoa, or oats, 1 slice of bread, or one small whole grain muffin.

January 16: Make or buy healthy snacks to have on hand
Prep your snacks for the upcoming week today. When the vending machine at work is calling your name, you won’t need to answer! Wash and cut raw veggies, make a trail mix, bake these banana oat muffins, prep smoothie bags, buy greek yogurt, or wash fresh fruit.It’s important to prepare for those snack attacks before they happen. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!”

January 17: Get a full 8 hours of sleep
Rest up for the work week! Not getting enough sleep makes you hungrier, gain weight, and even increases your risk for heart disease. Turn the TV off, put your phone down and go to bed early tonight!

January 18: Strengthen your lower body
“Never miss a Monday” is my motto! Start the week of right and get some strength exercises in. This at-home bodyweight workout is great for doing at the gym or in the comfort of your own home, or give Rebecca Louise’s leg workout video a try!

January 19: Add 15 minutes of quiet stretching or meditating into your day
There are so many days that go by where I don’t even take 15 minutes out my day to just be still. Challenge yourself to have no distractions for 15 minutes. It may seem like forever, but it is so refreshing and good for you to do!

January 20: Get up during your work day and go on a walk
It’s hump day! Beat the midweek blues by setting an alarm today to get up and go on a walk. Whether it’s a short walk up and down a flight of stairs every hour, or one long walk at lunch, get up and get some time away from your desk!

January 21: Pick at least one healthy habit from the past 3 weeks and commit to doing them for the next 3 weeks.

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water each day
  2. Eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables
  3. Strengthen your core
  4. Write 3 healthy lifestyle goals and share them with a friend (or with me!)
  5. Make a workout playlist
  6. Eat breakfast
  7. Maintain good posture throughout the day
  8. Eat the daily recommended amount of fruit
  9. Go on a brisk walk/jog with a friend
  10. Cook dinner at home
  11. Strengthen your upper body
  12. Eat dark chocolate to beat the midday slump
  13. Do 30 minutes of cardio
  14. Write or print out an encouraging quote or Bible verse and tape it on your bathroom mirror.
  15. Eat the daily recommended amount of whole grains
  16. Make or buy healthy snacks to have on hand
  17. Get a full 8 hours of sleep
  18. Strengthen your lower body
  19. Add 15 minutes of quiet stretching or meditating into your day
  20. Get up during your work day and go on a walk

Which healthy habits are you going to commit to for 2016??

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