Friday Favorites


Favorite Recipe: Homemade marshmallows
With the temperatures continuing to drop (how that is possible I do not know), hot chocolate and marshmallows are a perfect pair. Treat yourself these fluffy puffs with half the sugar of the average marshmallow and without any corn syrup by making your own- recipe via The Urban Poser.  Add a couple to Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate and the negative temps are almost enjoyable.
Homemade Marshmallows

Favorite purchase: Love Your Melon
If you’re in need of a new winter hat, check out Love Your Melon. It all started with two college students on a mission to give a beanie (and a smile!) to every child battling cancer in America. Its “buy one, give one” concept is similar to Toms shoes- for every beanie or hat you buy, they give one to a child battling cancer. In addition, fifty percent of every Love Your Melon product sold is donated to the Pinky Swear Foundation and CureSearch. They’re cute, made in the U.S.A. and for a great cause… I love that!
Love Your Melon.jpg

Favorite way to keep in touch with friends and family: FaceTime (or phone call)
Texting may be convenient, but how much can you really say over text? I’ve decided to be more intentional in staying in contact with people. A phone call is much more personal and gives you the chance to have an actual conversation with the person.  

Favorite indoor plant idea: window ledge plant shelf
One of the reasons why indoor plants die is because they aren’t getting enough light. This DIY shelf by A Beautiful Mess fits in a window and is a practical setup for your herbs and succulents.

Favorite (current) Steelers Player: James Harrison
I am a steelers fan because of Mo, but why is Mo a Steelers fan? He says it best,

“I am a Steelers fan because my dad grew up watching the Steelers in Mexico and passed it down to his kids. The Steelers are one of the most iconic organizations in all of sports because of their history of  both team and individual sucess, their reputation for a blue collar, physical style of football, and their loyalty to coaches, players, and fans. The Rooney family (who owns the Steelers) is very well respected, and few fan bases are as passionate and as widespread as Steelers Nation.”

James Harrison has earned the nickname “silverback” for good reason. Not only is he a beast on the field, but he is absolutely insane in the weight room. This video just just one example- doing push-ups with a 300 pound center on his back!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! GO STEELERS!

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