Friday Favorites

Happy FriYAY! Another week down, another weekend ahead!

Favorite Girl Scout cookie: Tagalongs
Finally, the long awaited email from a Girl Scout parent arrived in my inbox this week. I ordered two boxes of the delicious tagalongs and one box of Samoas, which are a close second fav. Nobody touch my Girl Scout cookies… consider that your final warning.

Favorite Quote. I’ve learned (and am still learning) that holding myself to a perfect standard is absolutely unrealistic and only causes guilt. Give yourself some grace- whether it be with working out, eating clean, meeting deadlines, etc. You can only do your best, and that varies every day.

Favorite stretch: chest opener on a foam roller. 
When you sit all day at work, there’s a good chance you spend your day in a “C spine” position. Bad posture creates tension on your neck and back, which can result in headaches and strained muscles. This stretch feels amazing and all you have to do is lay on your foam roller!

Favorite purse: Calia Everyday Tote
If you are looking for a big, beautiful bag that you can use for both the gym and work, look no further. I got my Calia Everyday Tote yesterday and am in love! I got the dark plum color with rose gold (eeeek) zipper. And speaking on zippers, it has lots of little compartments. This bag is chic, stylish and practical. Pssst. It’s on sale too! 

Calia Everyday Tote

Favorite group game: Heads Up
This app game will have you in tears from laughing so hard! Choose a category then hold your phone up to your forehead, screen facing outward, and guess the words using your friend’s clues. If you purchase the 99c “Heads Up” version, you can even record your friend’s attempts to clue you in, but the free “Charades” version works just as well!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I’m dying to know… what Girl Scout cookies are in your future?? 

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