Friday Favorites 

Four day weeks are THE BEST. Mo and I had a great time getting to relive our wedding weekend on our relaxing anniversary trip. Why aren’t 3 day weekends always a thing?!

Favorite Weekend Getaway: Copperstone Inn (Rockton, IL) 

If you are looking for a romantic and relaxing weekend in the middle of nowhere, then Copperstone Inn is your place. This 1858 farmhouse has been made into a cozy and luxorious bed and breakfast with seven different themed rooms. Mo and I stayed in the Queen’s Retreat on our wedding night and we stayed in the Limestone Loft last weekend. There’s a hot tub outside (!!), a theater room and bar in the basement, and an outdoor grill and fireplace for when it’s warmer outside. They also serve a delicious homemade breakfast in the morning. Waking up to the smell of bacon isn’t a bad alarm clock!

Favorite DIY Craft: seashell ring dish 

Not only is this project practical, but it’s easy too. Shells, paint and a foam brush is all you need to make good use of those shells you collected on the beach last summer.

Favorite Gym Hairstyle: French braid 

From a girl who is always trying (and usually failing) to “tame the mane,” this is my go-to for the gym. It keeps all the layers pulled back so I can focus on my workout, not my hair. If it starts getting loose, I’ll just add a second ponytail holder at the base of my head.

Favorite Dinner Recipes: antipasto salad and sweet potato shepherds pie

Both of these recipes were delicious and easy to make. The antipasto salad was full of flavor and best part was that the shepherds pie made enough to freeze for a future meal! Yesssss.

Favorite Featured Wedding: gold sparkles and whimsical flowers


As you can see from the bride’s bouquet, this wedding is both playful and gorgeous- a combination that instantly draws me in!

What inspired YOU this week?

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