Friday Favorites

With Val/Galentines day coming up this weekend, here are five of my favorite ways to celebrate!

Breakfast in Bed

Romantic breakfast in bed. My two favorite things… breakfast and bed! Combine those two together and you have the perfect combination. If you have a sweet tooth, these easy Red Velvet Pancakes are perfect for you. If you’d prefer something on the lighter side, try these Skinny Banana pancakes or chia seed yogurt pudding with a homemade strawberry smoothie or make a delicious smoothie bowl. These chocolate-strawberry muffins with your coffee are another idea out of the countless possibilities!


Love from afar. This holiday can be hard if you can’t be together with your love. Set up a Skype or FaceTime date, but also take the time to write out an old fashion love letter to the man or woman in your life. During this hard time in your relationship, your words of encouragement and love that they can read over and over will mean so much. You can also surprise him with an embarrassing Valentine’s care package in the mail (that he will secretly LOVE) with these “open when” letters, a CD of meaningful songs, a personalized phone case, a sweet little pillow and of course their favorite foods!

Girl's Night Out

Girls night out. Plan a night with your best girl friends! Shop for a new dress and go out for some drinks and dancing. You’ll have an unforgettable night with your girl friends and you never know, maybe you’ll even meet someone new!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.41.09 PM

Go on a blind date. If you’re single and ready to mingle, let your friends play match maker and set you up on a blind date. If you’re feeling a little nervous about it, suggest that your friend join you and make it a double date. Read Lauren Conrad’s Blind Date Escape Etiquette blog in case the date goes horribly… but you never know, maybe you’ll get shot by cupid’s arrow!

Serve One Another

Spread love to others. Volunteer at an animal shelter, visit a nursing home with fresh flowers for the elderly or bring valentines to a children’s hospital. Search for local opportunities to volunteer this year. Showing love to others is the best way to celebrate this holiday of love.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day this year??

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