Friday Favorites

Well Friday and Saturday have come and gone in a sleepy, drugged up haze, so this week’s Friday Favorites is a couple days late. That’s just what happens when you get your wisdom teeth out!

Favorite DIY project: hanging shelf
This hanging shelf looks like a great weekend project-  I love how unique and simple it looks! 

Favorite phone lock screen: Acts 3:19
From the She Reads Truth app, this new lock screen is a beautiful reminder during lent. This verse is a great reminder that this time of fasting is truly refreshing for your heart, mind and soul.

Favorite wedding accessory: cathedral veil
Working at David’s Bridal, I get a lot of brides who are unsure of or against wearing a veil on their wedding day. I, however, think veils are absolutely stunning and will usually put one on the bride anyway. Almost every bride immediately changes their mind! There’s something about a veil (especially a cathedral veil like this one) that really makes you feel like a bride. The veil represents the father giving the bride away to her new husband. This is one tradition you don’t want to close your mind to right away. They are absolutely stunning in pictures, and there’s just something about this tradition that should be kept.  

Favorite fitness accessory: H2-mOtivation bottles
I saw these water bottles on Pinterest and think they are just brilliant! Setting alarms on your phone to drink water might help you reach your water needs, but having it right on the water bottle couldn’t get anymore convenient! Motivational Bottles has many options to choose from- tumblers, water bottles with straws, infuser bottles, etc. all with motivating quotes! Pick the style you like best and the quote that motivates you the most and you’ll be on track with your goals before you know it!

Favorite thing to do while recovering from wisdom teeth surgery: ???
You tell me! Have you gone through this before? What food or activities got you through the recovery? I’d love to hear your suggestions!
In case you were wondering, the picture above is a set of six wisdom teeth magnets you can actually buy for $7! Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

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