Friday Favorites

Happy Easter weekend! I’m so thankful to spend time with family  this weekend and to take some time reflecting on Jesus’ death and celebrating his resurrection. This week’s favorites are inspired by Easter and the spring weather we’ve gotten a taste of lately.

Favorite Easter Tradition: Dyeing Easter eggs. My family has tried some fancy egg-decorating techniques, but we always go back to the vinegar dye and white crayon. The pretty ones get used for decorations and the ugly ones get used for deviled eggs. This “incredibly easy” DIY tutorial takes dyeing eggs up to the next level!

Favorite (new) Easter recipe: Carrot Cake Muffins. I cannot wait to make this recipe this weekend! Pure maple syrup, carrots, raisins and pecans and just a few of the delicious ingredients in these muffins. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Favorite Easter Bunny: Guess who! Don’t forget the pups! While the kids are hunting for their eggs, hide a few tasty treats for the pups to find!  

Favorite Easter Outfit: Colorful midi skirt + neutrals. I wouldn’t call myself fashionable by any means (workout clothes are as good as it gets for me!), but one thing I love about the return of spring is the return of COLOR! Even for someone who loves bright colors as much as me, it’s easy to fall into the blaaah greys and blacks during the winter. Get your colors and florals back to the front of your closet! I love how this watercolor midi (tea length) skirt really pops in her outfit. Keep the rest neutral with a white shirt and nude heels. This trend seems to be popping up everywhere- check out Lauren Conrad’s guide on how to wear midi skirts.

Favorite Easter song: O Praise the Name (Anastasias)  by Hillsong Worship. As you start your Easter weekend, filled with family, Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and brunches, I ask you to take a couple minutes to listen to this song. Sometimes it’s hard to relate to an event and grasp something that happened so long ago, but music always has a way of connecting with me. I can remember the exact moment last Easter when we sang this at Hillsong in Melbourne, Australia and my heart was about to explode with love and gratitude for the amazing event in history when Jesus died and rose from the dead, to save us from our sins. In his death, we have eternal life. By his woulds, we are healed. Through his grace, we are completely loved, completely accepted, and completely forgiven.
Press play, close your eyes and just be open to the words of this song.

Happy Easter! 

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