Life Update

Well it’s about time for an update, don’t you think?? A dying, old computer and more transitions is not the best combination for blogging, but let’s be honest… Life is ALWAYS going to be transitioning. If I wait for a time when things aren’t changing, I will literally never blog again! Here’s a quick update with a few of the things that we’ve been up to.

1. NEW JOB. I accepted a full-time personal training position at a gym downtown Chicago, and am absolutely loving it. The gym is incredible, the people I work with are fun and inspiring, and I have already learned so much in the short three weeks I have been working there. I had to get used to a much earlier schedule… and by early I mean EARLY. Let me just say, Chicago is a very quiet city at 4:30AM! Check out the gym’s website and try to find my picture and bio! Don’t be deceived- even though it looks like it’s only three floors, it goes four floors underground. Walking up at down seven stories is a workout in itself!

2. NASHVILLE ROCK N ROLL HALF MARATHON. Last weekend, I finally went Nashville for the first time and seriously, why have I never gone before?! The city is beautiful and the country music scene is incredible. I went with three friends from Olivet to run the Rock N Roll half marathon- the race was actually on one of my friend’s birthday! We also met up with a friend who lives outside Nashville for a pasta dinner on Friday to carb load for our race Saturday morning.The half marathon course was hilly and humid, but I somehow managed to break my personal best by six minutes. Saturday night we got to experience Nashville… it was incredible! Every bar you go to is like walking into a concert. If you’ve never had a girl’s weekend in Nashville… you better start planning one. Make sure you order a “bushwacker” while you’re there!

3. A WEDDING-FILLED SUMMER. Seven of mine and Mo’s close friends and family got engaged this past year… which means seven weddings to look forward to this summer! We are so excited to be part of these happy celebrations and the first one is in less than three weeks. Let the wedding season begin!

4. WHAT’S NEW WITH MO. He’s quickly approaching a year in his role as a financial analyst at Abbvie, and also starting to consider pursuing his MBA. He also had the opportunity to be the assistant coach for our high school’s basketball team this past winter. It was fun going to a couple of the games and watching him coach! It seems unfair, however, that the “no talking to girls before basketball games” rule no longer exists… I always hated that rule when we were in school!

5. NEW RESTAURANTS, NEW FRIENDS. There are endless good places to eat in our neighborhood, and Mo and I have been taking full advantage of that! Occasionally, we’ll even share our favorite places with family and friends. We’ve also enjoyed meeting other “dog moms and dads” at the dog park and have made some new friends since moving here. Chicago may be a big city, but our neighborhood feels like a small community to us.

Thanks for being patient, being interested and for reading! I’d love to hear what is going on in YOUR life!

3 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Love love love this update!! SO excited for all the amazing things that you’re doing & super happy for you! xx
    ‘The best is yet to come!’


    1. Thank you! I completely agree, it’s going to be a crazy summer, but so much fun! It’s just a fun way to get together with friends and celebrate. Let me know if you have any tips on saving money haha that’s the not so fun part… but definitely worth it!

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