Hello Fresh!

Working in the city has made me aware of the constant hustle and bustle outside. There are singers, xylophone players, people selling water, asking for money, etc. You name it, they’re there. I typically say a quick “no thank you” and continue on my way. Recently however, there was something that made me stop.

A man wearing a bright green apron that said “Hello Fresh” and I made eye contact. Eye contact is essentially an open door to salesmen. Once you’ve made eye contact… it’s over. I quickly learned that Hello Fresh is a company that delivers fresh ingredients to your doorstep based off of the recipes that you choose to make for the week. Scrolling through “this week’s recipes” on the salesman’s iPad, I saw quinoa, salmon, arugula… just a few of the words that immediately caught my eye.Ā  So I told him I was interested and that I would talk to my husband about it. He insisted that I create a profile to get a discount, which required my credit card number (red flag!), but he assured me nothing would get charged.

Fast forward 5 days and guess what showed up on my doorstep… a Hello Fresh box.
Sure enough, there was a charge on my credit card. Uhg! I called customer service, not expecting to get much help, but I was so impressed by them! They apologized, credited our account back, and told me to enjoy the recipes. And that’s exactly what I did.

All of that to say, if you’re like me and

  • love to cook, but don’t have a lot of time to meal plan, grocery shop and make dinner
  • prefer healthy, fresh meals
  • don’t like repeating meals too often

I highly encourage you to give Hello Fresh a try! Your first box is roughly $29, which is a steal. Each recipe made enough for two full meals for Mo and I, and everything tasted great. Since I didn’t choose my meals, the ones I received got me out of my comfort zone and made me try some new things.

Each meal was neatly packaged, with the meat and shrimp in a separate, refrigerated box.

The ingredients for Herbed Lemon Chicken Caesar Salad and Marinated Steak Bibimbap.

The ingredients for the Warm Shrimp and Farro Salad- Bon Appetite!

Have you tried Hello Fresh (or something similar)?? Let me know your thoughts!

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