Steeler Nation

When Mo and I started dating in high school, I quickly realized that he was a die-hard Steelers fan. And when a cute boy that you have a crush on likes something… well, you obviously like it too. Mo saw the opportunity to make me a Steelers fan and swooped in, inviting me over to watch Steelers games, wave the terrible towel, and educate me about the players. And now, here I am, a Steelers fan.

I saw the Steelers play (and lose to) the Bears in 2009 and the Jets in 2014, and while they were both a lot of fun, nothing quite compares to finally experiencing a WIN  in Pittsburgh. A couple of weeks ago, Mo, myself, and a couple of our friends road tripped out East for their home opener game against the Bengals. Let me just start by saying the drive through Indiana and Ohio might possibly be the most boring drive in the world. Luckily we had lots of snacks, country music and good conversation to pass the time.

Pitt vs. Chicago 2009 and Pitt vs. NY Jets 2014

Our first night in PA we went to Church Brew Works, a brewery that was once an old church! Very cool place. A friend from college who lives in Pittsburgh came out and met us there (thanks Becca!). The atmosphere was great and their drinks were just what we needed after a long day of driving.

The next day was GAME DAY. I attempted to run in the morning, but the hills kicked my butt.  I guess the flatness of Chicago does have its benefits if you’re a runner! We took the ferry over to Heinz Field and watched the players warm up. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to retake this photo- the one on the left is from 2010 when I planned a “sports date” for Mo. We played basketball, soccer and football and I wrote trivia questions for him about each sport, then ended it by watching one of the greatest movies: Love and Basketball.


The Steelers played a great game and I’m happy to say I finally saw my first Steelers win. It poured the entire game, but I’ll take rain over snow and freezing temps any day!



We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Loved Pittsburgh and hope to be back again soon. Next year the Steelers play the Bears in Chicago… I’m ready for a rematch! Who’s coming with??

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