Pumpkin Challenge + Pumpkin Protein Recipes

I am PUMPED (get it?!) to share this challenge workout with you! Just like every other basic white girl in the world, I looove my pumpkin recipes. A few of the recipes I have made (so far) include pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta sauce, pumpkin bread, pumpkin overnight oats, and pumpkin coffee creamer. Pumpkins are good for more than just eating though… you can workout with them! No weights? No problem.

No, I’m not talking about just getting it in and our of your cart/wagon when you first buy it. Although that can be a struggle in itself if you’re a #pumpkinoverachiever. Get your weekend workout in with this workout. Record your time in the comments. Can you beat mine??

Lower Body:
Glute bridges X12
Step-up ā†’ Reverse Leg X12 each leg
Wall/tree sit 30 seconds

Upper Body:
Bicep curl ā†’ Shoulder press X12
Tricep extensions X12
Raised arm push-ups (modification: on knees) X12 each arm

Jackknives X12
Oblique twists X12 each side, alternating
Plank taps X12 each arm

Lateral hops X12 each side

Repeat 3X


For best lean muscle gain and recovery results, consume protein within 30 minutes of exercising. Make a pumpkin protein smoothie, pumpkin energy balls or pumpkin protein waffles and enjoy that post-workout feeling!

My time: 17 minutes, 26 seconds
Can YOU beat that??!

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