Making Gains (not resolutions) in 2017

Half of people make them, but only 10% of people keep them. You know what I’m taking about…

New Year’s resolutions.

Every year, people vow to quit smoking, lose weight, spend less time working, and more resolutions similar to these. Some achieve them, but most don’t. I don’t know about you, but all of this negative talk has made me think twice about setting resolutions for 2017. “If nobody succeeds, why even bother? What’s the point if we’re only setting ourselves up to fail?

After hearing a client’s perspective, the solution suddenly dawned on me. He is on a 100 pound weight loss journey, but instead of thinking of all these things he’s giving up (pop, alcohol, sleeping in, eating out frequently, etc.) he views it in a completely positive perspective… what he is gaining. He’s gaining cardio endurance to dance all night with his 8 year old daughter at her daddy daughter dance. He’s gaining better health and most of all, he is gaining confidence from achieving goals. He looks good and he’s not afraid to say it!

The problem with New Years resolutions is how we view them from the very beginning. We say we’ll “lose… quit… stop,” knowing in the back our our minds that only 10% of people actually succeed. Everything about that is negative! Its time to flip your perspective upside down. Don’t commit to giving something up this year. Commit to GAINING something. If your goal is to spend less time at work, you are gaining quality time spent with family and friends. If your goal is to quit smoking, think… what are you gaining? Healthy lungs.

I want to share what mine are with you and I’d love to hear yours!

  1. Make good use of my time spent commuting by making phone calls and listening to podcasts, sermons and audio books.
    Gaining: knowledge and closer relationships with friends and family
  2. No texting while driving.
    Gaining: no explanation needed!
  3. Run a personal best at Grandma’s marathon in June.
    Gaining: strength both physically and mentally… and speed! (and maybe an entry into the Boston marathon??)

Let’s MAKE GAINS together! What are your goals? And what will you gain from achieving them? 

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