We’re Moving!

After almost two years in the Chicago area, we are packing our bags and moving… to California! As I sit here typing this, it still doesn’t seem real, but in less than 6 weeks, Mo and I will be packing our bags and road tripping to our new home.

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Mo, me and Sydney

I know, trust me, some days I can’t believe this is happening either! Two years ago, AbbVie acquired a start-up biotech company called Pharmacyclics in California. Long story short, two guys Mo used to work with recently transitioned out there and recruited him for their senior financial analyst opening. Pharmacyclics operates completely independently from AbbVie and is significantly smaller, so it should be a unique next step for Mo’s career. I haven’t started searching for a job yet, but I will definitely be looking to stay in the health/fitness industry and am hoping to grow my own personal business as well. (shameless plug: keep an eye out for my new business website, launching within the month!)

The job is located in Sunnyvale, California (it doesn’t even sound like a real place), which is in the Silicon Valley / San Fransisco South Bay area. We will be taking advantage of temporary housing to get to know the area before deciding where we want to live. Sunnyvale is located between two mountain ranges, close to the famous Redwood trees, an hour away from the Pacific Ocean, two hours from Napa Valley, and four hours from Lake Tahoe. It’s safe to say that we’ll be pretty busy with hiking, skiing, swimming, and drinking wine! I have also heard the weather is pretty nice, but I’ll spare my Chicago friends/family those details…

Map: Sara Franklin Designs

We decided to take a week and road trip to California to see some sights and friends along the way. Our last official day in Chicago will be May 21, and Mo starts his new job May 30.

This might be hard to believe, but deciding to make this big move was NOT an easy decision for us! When Mo got the opportunity to interview in February, we figured why not just check it out. I don’t think either of us really thought it would actually happen. After finding out more about the job, getting the official offer letter and lots and lots of praying/thinking/talking about it, we felt that it was the right thing to do.
Honestly, it’s a bittersweet feeling. Looking at our lives now, there truly isn’t one thing that we are unhappy about. I love my job, my coworkers, my clients, and my gym. I love running with Sydney on the trails by our apartment and running on the Chicago Lakeshore Path that’s right outside of my work. I love our apartment and being walking distance from downtown Libertyville. I love the church we are a part of and our small group. Most of all, I love our family and friends and love living close to so many of them. Deep down, however, we both felt that God was opening these doors for us and giving us this incredible opportunity for a reason.
What is that reason? We have absolutely no idea, but God calls us to “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). Even though all I see is a giant, unknown future, I can trust 100% in God’s plan for our time there. That is often the way we discover God’s will – not through the certainty of an outcome, but through confidence in God regardless of the outcome. The future may be uncertain, but the confidence and peace that I feel about this move is only possible through Jesus.

That said, we are also SO excited about this new adventure! After living in Boston and Sydney, I have seen so many amazing things come from getting outside of my comfort zone… everything from cuddling a koala to making new, lifelong friends. Mo and I are so thankful for all of the friendships in our lives and for your support. We will be investing in a high-quality air mattress (no way can we afford a 2 bedroom in Silicon Valley!) so PLEASE COME VISIT!!

8 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. “Faith is taking the first step even before you see the whole staircase.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Congrats to you and Mo!!!!! Good luck and enjoy. #beashark

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  2. Wooohooo!! Y’all are going to love California, and I have no doubt God has a plan for y’all there. I MAY be in the area June 29-July 4, not sure if flying into there or Vegas yet, but if we go north we’ve got to catch up! Good luck, congrats and GOD BLESS!!

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  3. AHH I am so, SO excited for y’all and cannot wait to visit šŸ™‚ you have so many fun adventures ahead and I have no doubt the Lord has a wonderful purpose for you two in Cali!

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