New England Ski Resort: Daniel + Hilary

Set atop a gorgeous mountain, this wedding not only had views for days, but also showcases a natural beauty… much like the bride herself! Standing up in my best friend’s wedding last year was definitely one of the highlights of the summer. The whole wedding weekend was filled with fun memories- starting with her bachelorette party in the White Mountains and ending with everyone leaving it all on the dance floor to the final song. Hilary and Dan choose a mountain resort for the venue and have since gone back to there to ski with friends. All of the little details that went into planning truly made that day so special and personal. Hilary had started collecting crates, frames, and other various decorations shortly after they got engaged, and it all came together as a beautiful reflection of who they are.
Wedding theme: Our wedding theme was cozy and romantic. Dan and I are both into the rustic/woodsy look so we thought a romantic barn setting would be a perfect fit!
Favorite wedding memory: I have two actually! The first was dancing with my Dad and having my brother sing a beautiful father daughter dance song for us. The wedding preparation brought my Dad and I a ton closer and that moment is one I’ll never forget. I still tear up and smile thinking about it. The second was when Dan and I went into the middle of the dance circle towards the end of the wedding and just danced our hearts out. Dan typically shies away from dancing in public, so to see him having the time of his life with everyone dancing around us made me so happy!
Advice to future brides: My biggest advice to brides planning their wedding would be to really focus on what the wedding is really about… a beautiful union between two people in love committing their lives to each other in front of their friends and family. It is WAY too easy to get wrapped up into doing 10,000 Pinterest crafts, and comparing your wedding to ones in the past, but all that does is rob your joy of this beautiful and sacred time. And lastly, to not be afraid to speak up if you don’t like something – hair, makeup, people overloading you with their opinions, etc.
Most important throughout the planning process: We wanted it to be a reflection of us, the food to be great, and for people to have a blast. We knew those would really be the only things people would remember from that day, so we made sure we had great music, drinks, and a beautiful setting. The best compliment to hear after your wedding is that your guests had the time of their lives!
Most stressful part about the planning process: Constantly updating the guest list and family drama. When you have multiple weddings happening within a month from each other and occasional miscommunication, you’re bound to end up with some stress! We found that communicating your feelings in a gentle way goes a lot further than harboring upset feelings.
Did anything go “wrong”? My dress ended up basically being impossible to bustle after the ceremony, so I ended up having to hold it up for the rest of the night. It actually turned out to be my favorite dancing accessory to whip around! Also, we got married in the middle of the summer, in a non-air conditioned barn and it was HOT HOT HOT. Despite this, we had a PACKED dance floor filled with friends and family dancing their hearts out and all sweating together! Things will go wrong, but people either won’t notice, or won’t care!
Photography: Simpell Design and Photography // Wedding gown: online overseas boutique // Bridesmaid dresses: Lily Boutique // Venue and Catering: Ragged Mountain Resort  // Flowers: Laurie Bemis (Mother in Law) // Hair and Makeup: Blushing Brides // Grooms attire: Men’s Wearhouse // Officiant: Andy Wilson (groom’s pastor) // Cake: Buttercup Baked Goods // Music: John Vanner (friend)

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