Marathon Packing List

With Grandma’s Marathon a week away (!!!), I have turned to packing to keep my nerves at bay (and rhyming apparently). Having only done two marathons, I am definitely no expert, but I hope my personal list can help you as you prepare for your race.

Whether you’re running in your hometown, road-tripping a couple hours, or flying to your race destination, I’ve got you covered! It doesn’t hurt to start getting everything together a few days before the race. And what I mean by that is start getting everything ready a few days before! You want to have plenty of time to make any changes or additions before you leave. Try to allow some extra time the day before your race to pick up any last minute items you may have forgotten. A free printable is of my list is available below! Print, fill off and check away because is there really any better feeling that checking things off a list??

The day before: 

  1. Travel / Expo outfit. Tip: wear comfortable shoes-  if you’re anything like me, you’ll be doing a lot of walking at the expo to get as many of the free samples that you can.
  2. Travel info: hotel reservations, directions, etc.
  3. Water bottle and snacks – it is important to stay fueled and hydrated, especially if you’ll be flying.
  4. Dinner (if you’re particular about what you eat). My coach advised me to treat my longest long run in Salt Lake City as a “trial.” I looked up the menu of the restaurant we’ll be eating the night before the race and ate something similar before my long run. You can also bring your own prepped food. This is definitely not necessary, but is a great option for someone with any kind of food allergies or sensitivities.

Race Day: 

  1. Breakfast food (if you’re particular about what you eat). Again, not necessary, but I personally feel a little better knowing that the breakfast I’ll be having before the race is the same breakfast I’ve had before every long run. Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast and almond butter… and coffee OBVS.
  2. Throw away clothes. Take an old pair of sweats and sweatshirt that you don’t mind tossing at the start line, or pick something up at Goodwill. You’ll check your bag long before you start the race so you’ll thank yourself for having an extra layer to stay warm during those early morning hours.
  3. Race outfit: shoes, compression sleeves, socks, bottoms, top, sports bra and EXTRA HAIR TIES. Check the weather before you leave, plan accordingly, and have a couple of backup options just in case.
  4. Cold gear if necessary: hat, gloves, hand warmers
  5. Rain gear if necessary: poncho or rain resistant jacket, plastic bag to hold phone
  6. Fuel: gu, sport beans, chews, whatever you’ve (ideally) used throughout your training.
  7. Something to hold your fuel: handheld water bottle with a pouch, pockets in your shorts, or a fuel belt (putting gu packets with sharp edges in your sports bra is not a good idea… from personal experience!).
  8. Electronics: watch, watch charger, phone, phone charger, headphones
  9. Sun protection: sunglasses and/or hat and sunscreen
  10. Miscellaneous: pace bracelet, anti-chaffing body glide, chapstick

Post Race

  1. Clothing: a dry change of clothes, flip flops (for swollen feet post race) and compression socks (to wear in the car / plane)
  2. Recovery: pain medicine and muscle roller
  3. Snacks (if you’re particular about what you eat / drinks post race). My FAVORITE post-race food is a peanut butter sandwich and blue Gatorade. But let’s be honest, I’ll probably eat anything and everything after the marathon!
  4. Meeting area: decide on where you will meet back up with your groupScreen Shot 2017-06-10 at 7.30.53 AM

Download, print, and pin my Marathon Packing List – I hope it helps you for planning your race weekend. Did I forget something? Tell me in the comments below. GOOD LUCK!

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