12 Days of Fitmas

During the holidays we tend to push our health and fitness to the side. We’re busy with Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, sending cards, spending time with family, traveling and happy hour-ing. The 12 Days of Fitmas is a way for you to end 2017 strong AND set the tone for the New Year with your health in focus!

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make this challenge the twelve days leading up to Christmas or the twelve days following Christmas… so I figured we might as well do both! Each day, a new activity/challenge will be posted on my Instagram.  It’s an accumulating challenge that focuses on one healthy habit each day.
Day 1
Day 1 + Day 2
Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3, etc.

Print the checklist below to keep you accountable. Fill out each day’s challenge and check off those boxes each day! There’s two checklists per page (who doesn’t love a good 2-for-1 during the holidays?!) so pass that second one on to a friend and do it together!

12 Days of Fitmas

Day 1 starts TODAY.
Take 60 seconds of your day and give me your best plank!


Be sure to follow along on Instagram as I reveal your daily Fitmas challenges. Tag me in your pictures – I’d love to see them! Let’s make your health these 12 days before and after Christmas a priority!

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