Girl’s Weekend in Austin

A deferred race entry, cancelled flight, unusually rainy weather, and a big loss for the Brewers… this trip was a perfect example of how you have a choice to make when things go wrong. You can either complain about it and focus on the negative or make the most of your situation. Despite all the bumps along the way, I am so happy to be able to look back and say we made the absolute most of our time together!

The last time the four of us were together, we ran a marathon. This time, the original plan was to run the Texas Ragnar Relay, an 8-person relay race in the Hill Country. Each person runs three loops that total about 15 miles. When you’re not on the trail running, you’re back at a campsite with the rest of your team. Leading up to race day, our team of eight people unfortunately began to slowly get smaller and smaller, until it was just down to the four of us. We had a choice – either run each loop twice to make up for the lack of people or defer our race entry to one next year. We decided to defer and instead, make it into a fun girl’s weekend in Austin!

On the afternoon of my flight, we boarded the plane, only to be told an hour later that there was a maintenance problem/a fuel odor on our plane, and we would have to de-plane. Fast forward 4 hours of sitting at the gate and eventually getting told our flight was cancelled. Luckily, I had been standing near the service desk and was able to book a flight for the following day before they filled up. Not ideal, but I was just happy that I was still going to make it there for two of the three nights! Thank God we deferred our race… I wouldn’t have made it to run!

The weather was unusually rainy, so we weren’t able to do the stand-up paddle boarding or goat yoga that we planned on. But the rain didn’t stop us from eating at some incredible restaurants, running on a great bike path, catching up, and going out at night!


It all comes down to this. I could be anywhere, doing anything with these girls and have a great time. It’s not the events or activities that make the trip, but rather the company you’re with.

Places to Eat:

  • Pancha Organic Cafe
  • Pinthouse Pizza
  • Torchy’s Tacos
  • Cherrywood Coffeehouse – according to our Uber driver, this was a favorite with the locals. A couple of tents were set up outside of the café with locals selling jewelry, ceramics, and succulent planters.
  • Stubb’s BBQ
  • Juiceland – healthy breakfast option inside of the Austin airport

Things to Do:

  • Run/bike on the bike path on Shoal Creek Blvd.
  • Stand-up Paddle Board on Lake Austin or sign up for Hey Paddle, a fitness class on a stand-up paddle board!
  • Yoga Hike
  • Goat Yoga
  • Rainey Street
  • Sixth Street – bars, dancing, and live music.
  • Upstairs at Caroline’s rooftop bar – their foosball table and “bad decision” drink made for a fun night!
  • The Alibi – play giant Jenga, watch a game, drink on their porch swings

We weren’t able to do everything we wanted… so that just means we’ll have to go back again one day! What’s YOUR favorite thing to do in Austin??

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