Bridal Fitness

Congratulations on your engagement! Get ready to look and feel your best for your wedding day. You are making a commitment to marry the love of your life, and I am committing  to get you in wedding day shape.

By carefully analyzing your fitness assessment, personal goals, and exercise history, I will design a custom program to help you achieve your fitness goals. No bride is the same! Instead of putting you in a generalized program you’ll dread doing, you will receive a personalized program that will challenge you and keep you motivated. Not only will you notice a change in your physical appearance, but you will also notice an improvement in your mood and energy. And what bride doesn’t want more energy while planning a wedding?! Your program will keep you focused and motivated to achieve those wedding day fitness goals!

How is it done?

Consistency. Many brides are working full time while planning a wedding, which can seem like a part-time job in itself. That is why your workouts will take into consideration the time you have available for working out, and will be designed for you to enjoy. No need to spend hours at the gym for great results!

Patience. No “quick fixes” or “crash diets.” Taking extreme measures only leads to stress and anxiety… both of which you can do without while planning a wedding! From your engagement to your wedding day, you will see gradual results. Trust the process! Losing weight must be done at a healthy rate for long-term success. This isn’t just about your wedding day. It’s about learning to live a healthy lifestyle that you can carry on for years afterwards!

Balance. On your wedding day, you can cut your cake AND EAT IT TOO! Living a healthy lifestyle is about balance. Without a healthy balance, it’s very likely you will be a swinging pendulum of binge eating and guilt. My program will teach you the basics of nutrition and how you can live a healthy lifestyle without restrictions.

Please check out my online training programs or my in-home training options to determine which program is best for you. CLICK HERE.