The Land Down Under

After an amazing 6 months in Boston, Mo and I have officially flown across the world! I’m now writing to you from Australia! It’s been a crazy past couple of days with transitioning, unpacking, adjusting to the 17 hour time difference and saying goodbye to family and friends, but WE MADE IT! And just in […]

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Our First Noel

December was another busy and exciting month, but it was especially wonderful because we were able to come home from Christmas! Not only did we get to see our immediate family, but part of Mo’s extended family came to Chicago from Mexico City and Canada to join in with the festivities. It was a huge blessing […]

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Overwhelmed with Blessings

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the attitude of thankfulness is still present (& so are the leftovers- but not for long). Both mine and Mo’s family were able to come out East to visit us and let me tell you… we took advantage of every second they were here! They made it just in time before […]

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Wicked Good Times

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner already! Both mine and Mo’s families are flying out for the holiday, and I can’t wait to see them! I’ve been keeping busy with work, planning their visit, and trying to figure out how in the world to host a Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve probably called […]

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Mission Accomplished

“Congratulations. Thank you for participating.” These were the words said to me as a marine put a medal around my neck. All throughout the 26.2 mile course, marines were lined up cheering the runners on, handing out cups of water and Gatorade for us and waiting at the end to put that medal around our necks. […]

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Are We There Yet??

When Mo and I found out we would be in New England for the fall, we both agreed we absolutely had to take a road trip up the coast of Maine to take full advantage of the peak season. We’d been looking forward to this trip for months and had an absolutely amazing time. Since a picture is […]

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