10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Hmm there’s something going on this weekend, but I just can’t put my finger on what it is… What could it be… That’s right- it’s Valentine’s Day!! February 14th is coming up quick, but don’t worry if you haven’t made your plans yet… I’ve got you covered! Single or taken, here are 10 ideas how to celebrate Valentine’s […]

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I’m Engaged!! …Now What??!

Tis’ the Season for shiny things and engagement rings! Almost 50% of engagements happen during the holidays, so if this means you, congratulations! He popped the question, you said yes… now what?? Follow these practical tips and this timeline to get you through everything from now until the big day! 1. Enjoy the Moment You may feel […]

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Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration

If you are anything like me, you do what you can to avoid that yellowy gold. Rose gold, however, is a completely different story. I have completely fallen in love with rose gold! Whether your wedding is in the summer or winter, casual or formal, you can’t go wrong with incorporating this beautiful and romantic […]

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Mexican Fiesta Wedding

Spending a weekend in Mexico City opened my eyes to a new culture, new traditions and new ideas. As I took it all in, I could not help but be inspired to visualize what a Mexican Fiesta wedding could look like. The Mexican culture highly values family, hospitality and of course, fiestas! Now add bright […]

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JAM PACKED… with love

Inviting 200 people to the middle of nowhere, in the dead of winter, on a Sunday was probably not the nicest thing I’ve ever done… but January 12, 2014 was a perfect day thanks to God, my family and friends who helped everything come together and of course, all of the guests who attended. Whether […]

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DIY Wedding Gift

Wedding registries are one of the greatest innovations for wedding planning. Not only is it SO FUN for the bride and groom to put one together (it is like the ultimate shopping experience!), but it also makes it really easy for your guests to know exactly what you want. As easy as it is… this […]

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