Teeth as White as Snow

You got your beautiful white dress for your wedding… now it’s time to get a beautiful white smile as well! I had my 6 month dentist appointment this past weekend, which ironically happened to be the morning after I saw Ke$ha in concert… I don’t think my dentist would have approved of her “before I […]

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Friday Favorites

It’s already March, there’s only 3 girls left on The Bachelor and can someone please tell me where the time is going?? There’s nothing like a wake up call to live in the present when you look back on the last 2 months- well, the last 8 months really- and wonder where the time went. […]

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Friday Favorites

Well Friday and Saturday have come and gone in a sleepy, drugged up haze, so this week’s Friday Favorites is a couple days late. That’s just what happens when you get your wisdom teeth out! Favorite DIY project: hanging shelf This hanging shelf looks like a great weekend project-  I love how unique and simple […]

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Friday Favorites 

Four day weeks are THE BEST. Mo and I had a great time getting to relive our wedding weekend on our relaxing anniversary trip. Why aren’t 3 day weekends always a thing?! Favorite Weekend Getaway: Copperstone Inn (Rockton, IL)  If you are looking for a romantic and relaxing weekend in the middle of nowhere, then […]

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Friday Favorites

  Favorite Recipe: Homemade marshmallows With the temperatures continuing to drop (how that is possible I do not know), hot chocolate and marshmallows are a perfect pair. Treat yourself these fluffy puffs with half the sugar of the average marshmallow and without any corn syrup by making your own- recipe via The Urban Poser.  Add a […]

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Traditional Anniversary Gift Guide

Time flies when you get married. Doing life with someone is truly an adventure and I am fortunate to have the best of the best. He listens to me talk nonstop about my career goals, happily does our finances and puts up with my not-so-great dance moves. Marriage. It’s great. With that said, when anniversaries […]

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Unique DIY Wedding Backdrops

Smile! Click. These days, the bride and groom aren’t the only ones smiling for pictures. Photo booths have become a popular way to keep guests entertained, while allowing some extra creativity. Whether you are enhancing a dull room, or showcasing your venue’s beautiful scenery, these gorgeous backdrop ideas will add a major wow factor to your […]

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DIY Wedding Favors

Show your guests some love while having fun (and saving money) in the process! Give your wedding favors a special personal touch with these handmade favors for every season and style. Spring/Summer Wedding Favors  Cactus Tin Plant | Customized Koozies | Hanging Heart Birdseed | Wooden Coasters Fall Wedding Favors  S’more Kits | Mama’s Pie in a Jar | Hot […]

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September in Mass

Where did September go??! I cannot believe it’s already October! Mo and I have been truly enjoying the transition from summer to fall in New England. I don’t know if anyone has ever enjoyed a 45 minute commute to work, but with the view I get every day here I actually look forward to it! […]

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