Meal Planning 101

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re knee deep in Amazon packages, holiday parties and wrapping up work deadlines before taking time off. It’s not the easiest time to workout and eat healthy! Planning and prepping meals has been my saving grace during the holiday season so that I’m […]

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What’s On My Plate?

If you’re anything like me, you like routine, want to eat clean during the week, and don’t have much free time to spare. I want to take the hassle and time out of planning healthy meals and snacks for you by sharing my meal plan for this week. You know what this means… NO EXCUSES! […]

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Hello Fresh!

Working in the city has made me aware of the constant hustle and bustle outside. There are singers, xylophone players, people selling water, asking for money, etc. You name it, they’re there. I typically say a quick “no thank you” and continue on my way. Recently however, there was something that made me stop. A […]

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Egg and Veggie Casserole

Happy almost Friday! With an anniversary weekend retreat right around the corner, I couldn’t be any more excited. I also have some news to share… I officially launched by personal training business (check out my Programs) and I am also back at David’s Bridal, working as a bridal stylist. I couldn’t be happier! With engagement […]

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This Week’s Menu

Today is a day of mixed emotions. After having Mo home the past two and a half weeks, it’s definitely a bummer that he had to go back to work today. On the other hand… BACHELOR PREMIER TONIGHT! Who else is excited??! With Mo back at work, I had some extra free time this morning […]

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Pumpkin is my Favorite Season

Hi there, remember me?? Well life has been a little crazy this past month and unfortunately blogging has taken the backseat in the crazy ride of life. As the end of August approaches (say what?!) and a new month soon begins, it’s as good a time as ever to set new goals for myself. I […]

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The Best Time to Grocery Shop

Who remembers watching “Supermarket Sweep” on TV? Contestants would race around the supermarket, filling their cart with the most expensive items they could find (straight to the hams!!). Whoever ended up with the highest total of groceries won. Unfortunately, grocery shopping is never that much fun in real life… We want to keep our grocery bill as low as possible, […]

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What’s for Dinner?

You find yourself in a big place, overwhelmed with all of the options and people running around you on a mission. So many choices, so much potential, but yet you seem frozen in place. This my friends, is NOT describing me in Sydney, in case that’s what you were thinking. It’s the grocery store. Once […]

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